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Updated 2/4/19

To receive a timely emailed Bulletin of Celtic Music Events in the Greater Boston area, send an email to NSArtEvents@gmail.com  with the words Celtic Music Subscribe in the subject area.

As the GreaterBostonCelticMusic.com project is intended as a community resource, there are no charges for postings or distribution of the Bulletins.



Welcome to the GreaterBostonCelticMusic.com. The main objective is to provide a continually updated and accessible list of Celtic Music events in the Greater Boston area.

However the site will also include features which we hope will enhance and promote the Celtic Music scene in the local area. Among the planned pages and their features:



** 1/Welcome Page**

A blog of Celtic Music activity in Greater Boston is being updated continuously. I will also be posting gigs which I will be attending as I hope to become acquainted with the musical artists who make Boston a hotbed of Celtic Music activity in the United States. Other Celtic Music information regarding the local scene will be included. (See below for the Blog Post)

**2/ Celtic Music Events Page**

This is probably be the page of most interest. Events are posted with links to both the performing artists and the venues when available. There are two categories of listings: repeating weekly events and individual one off events.

At the top of the Events Page is a rotating slideshow of banners promoting individual events. See the events page for how to submit  a banner for inclusion. These will probably be limited to individual one off events.

**3/ Directory of Locally Produced Celtic Music Albums**

The  Directory Page posts  a listing of locally produced albums with an artist provided  link to purchase the albums. (It is not the intention of the GreaterBostonCelticMusic.com to become a point of sale vendor. All purchases will be conducted by the producing artists.)

Newly released albums will be highlighted at the top of the page.

**4 and 5/ Directory of Celtic Music Groups and Artists in Greater Boston**

These pages are intended to provide a comprehensive Directory of Celtic Music artists in Greater Boston who perform Celtic Music. Oner Page is devoted to Groups and another focuses on Individual performers. Performers involved in groups may be listed individually. (Groups page available now — Performer Page will be developed over the coming weeks.)

**6/ Educational Opportunities**

This page presently is divided into two categories: School of Music and Irish Dance Studios. Eventually a third category is likely -Individuals who teach instruments privately.

I am sure that there may be other pages added as more needs are found.

I hope that the GreaterBostonCelticMusic.com  proves to be a useful resource for the Celtic Music enthusiasts living in Greater Boston.

Your comments and ideas are very much solicited. Please contact me at NSArtEvents@gmail.com

Paul Graveline
GreaterBostonCelticMusic.com   Editor


**GreaterBostonCelticMusic.com BLOG**  


If you like fiddle music then my suggestion is that you attend the next Boston Scottish Fiddle Club session on 20 Feb in Watertown. I attended the January edition last night and it was extremely entertaining. It was lead by Elizabeth Anderson ( who has a new album with her brother Ben -- jump to the album page for details).

I think at one point the assembled Celtic Musicians of about 15 played for over an hour without stopping and after a 15 minute break played again for another 45 minutes nonstop. They request a minimum $5 donation. It was well worth attending. LINK